Our Process

Scope prides itself on delivering an outcome which either meets or exceeds the client’s expectations. We understand that Scope is engaged to deliver superior results and that is our driver of performance in the business.

The first key step in our process is to engage with our client to ensure that we fully understand all of the client’s expectations including the market requirements, the product range and the annual production required. Based on this information Scope will then generate a flow chart and develop a plant layout based on site civil considerations, environmental constraints, availability of services and client equipment preferences.

The preliminary plant layout is then provided to the client for review and approval. Naturally Scope can discuss the layout and any improvement or opportunities the client then requests. Once this is settled, Scope will then develop the costings for the preferred design. Once the design and budget are agreed, final civil, mechanical and electrical design drawings can be generated to enable the manufacture to commence.

Simultaneously the site civil works are prepared and civil foundations are placed so that manufactured items are completed as per schedule of works, items of plant and equipment are delivered and installed. Electrical works and additional services are installed simultaneously. On completion of mechanical and electrical works, the commissioning process starts.

Scope uses members of its own design team to produce working drawings of any new plant and have those certified by qualified design engineers.

Scope engages and works in conjunction with contract electrical teams with mines compliant backgrounds to ensure that the electrical works are meet the specifications required and are fit for purpose.

We are responsible for ensuring all mechanical, structural, electrical and civil design items meet or exceed all relevant Australian standards with a heavy emphasis on safety compliance. We work closely with all of our clients on the plant design to ensure total customer satisfaction. The design is being continually reviewed to ensure this.

We are proud of the plants that we build and install and the innovation we can bring to the table. At S cope we know that our clients have high expectations and we deliver on those expectations, our record speaks for itself.

At Scope Engineering Services, we look forward to working with you to deliver your vision.